James Mastros (theorb) wrote,
James Mastros

On Vox: Day 3: In which, er, I run out of titles

Brushed.  Slept on and off last actual-night, some bits between 4AM and 9AM, and I think that's more or less it. Jess got home early yesterday, which was a nice change of pace, and we had a reasonably good, fairly lazy, evening.  We finished the second part of the two-hour (but really only one part) pilot of Brisco County, Jr.  I originally described it to Jess as a sci-fi western, but nothing like Firefly.  While that's somewhat accurate, it's not terribly so.  (Hey, I haven't seen it in around 14 years!)  It's certainly a western, being set in the 1880s, and it certainly has sciencey elements, with a professional scientist, an amateur rocketeer, and a mysterious professor having speaking roles in the first three hours.  It has a wonderful sense of progress too, as befits it's general theme, but also it's time -- a time when the world, or at least the western united states, was just starting an inward migration, toward cities, and becoming less of a frontier-justice sort of place.
Cutting this short now, as it's time to get going to London, as discussed on Day 2: In which I think it's friday.  See you tommorow.

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