James Mastros (theorb) wrote,
James Mastros

Two Announcements!

1: I've just gotten myself a mobile phone. The number is +44 75 282 099 37. For those who live in the UK and don't like properly formated international phone numbers, 07528209937. If you think you should be on my phone, ping me.

2: I've been working on a little web app called CSF, or Cross-Site Friends for long. It allows you to declare your username on various social networks, and helps people who are friends on one of them find you on the others, and contrarywise helps you find those other people.

Please, set yourself up on it, http://desert-island.me.uk:8000/csf/. Tell me what you find confusing, what you don't like about. Tell me what other sites you wish were on there, and perhaps I'll add them -- sadly, in some cases, I'll tell you why I can't add them. Tell your friends about it. Be fruitful, and multiply. Have fun.
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