James Mastros (theorb) wrote,
James Mastros

You can thank rozallin for giving me a little nudge to finally post this -- our wii ID is 5748 1321 8163 2111, for anybody that wants to add me to their wii address book. If you've got a wii, then start it, envelope icon, create message, address book. That'll give you your number, post it to your LJ, and comment here if you add me.
We've had our wii about a month now, and got Zelda: Twilight Princess. I'm addicted. I think Jess likes it in some ways, but she finds the controls cumbersome. I was thinking that perhaps when the reprap is working (yes, using the word "when" instead of "if" is wishful thinking), I could scoop the electronics out of a wiimote and nunchuck and put them back together differently, with a more castaway-ergonomic case. (Well, I wouldn't start there, but that'd be a goal -- I'd probably start with a modified battery door that has bits for the classic controller to clip onto.)
Anyway, wii fun, hacking on wii data also fun.
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