James Mastros (theorb) wrote,
James Mastros

My Weekend, Part 1: Friday.

Hello, folks. This is going to be a series of somewhat long posts, I think. I had a rather eventful weekend, full of interesting things, and I want to retell it, both to share it with you guys, and to, hopefully, help myself remember. Jess took a half-day off work Friday, and when she returned home, around 1, we set about having some lunch, and, in fairly considerable hurry, attempted to pack for the weekend, running around like chickens with our heads cut off -- neither of us is very good at packing in advance, and somehow the weekend seemed to sneak up on us, and catch us unawares, like the Prince of Persia, playing with his sand of time.
We drove toward London, with me finding out on the way that the plan was now to drop the car off in Ealing, take the tube into central london, do our first event of the evening (I don't want to spoil the surprise for you, gentle readers!), return to Ealing, and then drive to Tonbridge. I both thought this was a silly plan, and was rather annoyed to find about it almost literally at the last minute -- well after it was too late to change it, and only somewhat before we turned off the M25 rather early to be going to Tonbridge. Really, though, I was arguing because I was stressed. I argued that I hadn't been kept in the loop during planning, and that Jess shouldn't have planned a weekend away with nothing in it for me... the first wasn't fair, and the second, as it turns out, was just completely wrong, as I had a lovely time at all the things planned that I thought I'd not much like. (Well, except for the one that didn't happen.) I always stress at the beginning of a trip -- I worry that it's underplanned, or overplanned, and that I won't have any fun. I worry that I won't be able to sleep, that I won't get along with the other people around. I worry that I don't speak the language, and that everyone hates forigners. I worry, in short, about anything and everything.
Anyway, we go to Ealing, sat in a traffic jam for a while, and eventually got to the bit were we knew there was generally parking available, got in the tube (fortunately, there was a District line train in the station when we arrived), and got to Totenham Court Road stop, and walked toward Dorward's office. Unfortunately, we turned the wrong direction down the street it was on, and, after finding 230 and 235, but not 233 (numbers changed to protect the innocent. Also, because I can't remember them), we called him, eventually discovered we were on the wrong side, and... found David, walking along the street toward us... and I'm being too verbose.
Had a nice dinner at Hamburger Union (dispite poor table service -- not assinging tables to waiters makes nobody feel responsible, and not writing down orders is just a bad idea). Then walked across Leicester Square to the Garrick Theatre, and saw Zorro, which was nothing short of wonderful. The plot is original, dispite it being a retelling of a very old and much told story. The leading ladies were both beutiful, and sung wonderfuly. The poster only shows one of them. The other got robbed. (I broke one of my rules for this post -- to just write -- to find their names, and give a few good links. http://www.zorrothemusical.com/is the site of the play. Emma Williams and Lesli Margherita are the two women in question.) The songs are beutiful -- I shall buy the CD, I think, as soon as I have positive budget again. The special effects, and swordfighting, David says, were wonderful for the stage. I simply think that the special effects were well-used, and the swordfighting was very rarely so bad that I was distracted from the mood by it -- though, no doubt, if they actually fought at all like that, their swords would be too dull to cut cheese with by the end. The humor was mostly well used, and only rarely approached cheesey -- whereas I expected, from a musical, for it to be constantly well beyond cheesy.
By the end, I, and most of the audience, was in a standing ovation, claping along to the strange (to me, anyway) post-end dance routine, occasionally breaking into simply claping at the actors, and hooting.... and then more of the same, only less orginized, once the band stopped playing and came on-stage for their own applause. (At which point, I note, that surrounding Zorro himself were the not-exactly-leading lady, and the head of the music, with the leading lady proper reduced to fourth rank.) (BTW, the praise I heap on the second leading lady is not to say the first was bad -- she gave a wonderful performance, portraying the great love of Zorro's life as beutiful and sweet, but with guts and idealisim -- feminine without being weak. It's just that, as the leading lady, I would be surprised if she wasn't good. As a character which is simply not present in the legend of zorro (and I don't mean the film!), and wasn't on the poster, I don't expect Inez to be anything but a voice in the crowd most of the time, and she was never just anything.
Anyway... after that, I went directly to Tonbridge with David, while Jess went back to Ealing to get the car -- she said she liked to drive alone, and I was happy to spend some time with David. We chatted a fair bit -- about Dr Horrible, about work (and how some might do me good), about getting out (I should do more of it... but travel is a pain in the ass). We played Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones on his Wii while Jess drive home... and almost missed her ringing, because she couldn't remember where his parking space was. Then we watched Dr Horrible (Jess hadn't seen part 2 or 3, I hadn't seen 3). I can't believe he eneded it like that (I shan't specify further, in case anyone here hasn't seen it)... and then went to sleep, it being around 1:30 by then. (I didn't sleep very well, I'm afraid -- somewhat narrow bed, and the sleeping bags are noisy when you toss and turn.)
Thus ended my Friday, and this LJ entry.
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